Our Story

In 2020, Taiga Kobayashi flew to San Francisco from Tokyo and moved to a co-working space to do work with excellent people who came from all over the world. However, due to the new situation with COVID-19 and isolation, mutual communication in the co-working community has become quite limited. Then, he joined Slack groups to make networkings. When he posted his self-introduction, even though there are 20,000 people in the group, he got no response. Also, he could not send a DM to make networkings since he did not know who wanted to make networkings. Then, he found out there was no way to do networking in Slack groups.


On the other hand, the accelerating popularity of personal matching services such as Lunchclub and Shapr shows that people are looking for networkings. But with online communication, Taiga felt it was difficult for people to build a long-term relationship by one-time random meetings of Lunchclub or Shapr.

Taiga was the top sales achiever at the 2018 Japan M&A Center. This is accounted for by the time spent for his team in communication for the sake of better cooperation. That is how he knows the difficulty and the importance of such communication in a community more than anybody else.

Today, Potlatch continues to match people to people in the same community for building 1-1 long-term and professional connections.